Technology Driven

mHealth solution using digital networks to increase reliable blood donation in Ghana to guarantee safe motherhood for healthy childhood.

Health Concerns

Providing free access to curated e-content from qualified medical practitioners through live chats, virtual clinics, daily health tips etc.

24/7 Availability

Matching feature allows quick identification and contacting of potential donors in case of emergencies and National Disasters.

FAQ’s – Benefits of Blood Donation

Enhances The Production of New Blood Cells
Reducing The Risk of Cancer
Preserving Cardiovascular Health
Priceless Joy!!!

 Why Us?

Great Infrastructure

Smart use of data management tools to make blood drives more efficient.

24/7 Services

Allows the National Blood Service to improve its ability to manage data and mobilise blood donors.

Cutting Edge Technology

The NBS is able to reach donors in its database through push notifications, SMS, and IVR soon to be added

One blood donation can save three lives.

Come Experience the real life situations of saving life

Tip from Moja Doctor


Donating blood is a simple procedure. From the time you arrive till the time you leave (filling forms, screening, donation and refreshment) is about an hour. The donation process itself takes 12-15 minutes. Unless there is a large number of people waiting to donate, then you might be required to stay a little longer. However, there are some few recommendations you need to follow before donation:

  • Maintain a healthy iron level in your diet by eating iron-rich foods.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Get hydrated. You need to drink lots of water and other nutritious fluid
  • Avoid fatty foods such as burgers, fries or ice cream before donating.
  • Do not forget to eat your full breakfast before arriving at the blood bank
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